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Acute & Persistent Chronic Pain & Stress Relief Through
Integrated MyoFascial Release, Massage & Reiki Therapies

2020.0314:  I am temporarily not taking any new clients in my massage therapy business, given the current state of the Corona Virus (COVID-19).  Furthermore, all existing client appointments have been postponed. 
Given that massage therapy is "up close and personal," and I am charged with not making your health and well-being worse as a result of receiving my services, I feel I can take no lesser action, at this time.  
Thank you for your understanding. 
I'll be back.

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Welcome to  Spirit-Mind-Body Massage & Reiki (SMBmassage.com), the home of  FRIFTM  (Functional Re-Integration FrameworkTM),  S2WTM  (Stairway to WellnessTM),  REWMSTM (Re-Education With Movement & StretchingTM),   and  TAPSTM  (Total Applied Pain ScienceTM). 

Remember — if you want  MyoFascial Release  therapy, then be sure to ask for the real deal, The John F Barnes Approach to MyoFascial Release (MFR/jfba);  and be certain that your MFR therapist has been trained by John F Barnes or his trainers. 

If you are a cancer survivor wanting a cancer-safe massage, then be certain that your therapist is an Oncology Massage Preferred Provider (OMPP), as designated by the Society for Oncology Massage, our professional association.

At SMBmassage, I facilitate your managing your journey to both freedom from pain and restored personal functionality, thereby helping you to achieve a more pain-free active lifestyle and improved quality of life.  Your specific unique acute or persistent chronic pain, stress and orthopedic dysfunction rehabilitation needs are managed through the integration of movement, advanced pain science, and manual & energy therapy services — holistically treating the whole person, not just the symptoms.  

I assist the client's — your — holistic healing process.  A cornerstone of holistic healing is that, given the correct treatment and coaching, your body can largely heal itself;  however, emergency situations will likely require some conventional allopathic western medical treatment, too.  As such, I emphasize the need and expectation that my clients will become empowered to take a significant & active role in their own healing process;  I will provide them with therapeutic rehabilitative experiences, education, guidance, and tools to enable them to take on this great responsibility of self-care for themselves and their family & friends — including facilitating recovery following conventional allopathic medical treatment.

The client's specific acute & persistent chronic pain, stress, medical, clinical and orthopedic conditions drive how each therapy session is customized within the context of the client's long-term program for manual & energy therapy and self-care, for maintaining & improving their health, wellness & quality of life;  and consistent with any valid medical prescriptions. 

I am nationally listed as a Certified Medical Massage Practitioner (CMMP) and as an Advanced MyoFascial Release Therapist  (MFR/jfba);  and listed & designated by S4OM.org as an Oncology Massage Preferred Provider (OMPP).  

My medical NPI (National Provider Identification) number is # 1477098572.

If you suffer from, or are limited by any item on this short list below of typical acute or persistent chronic pain & dysfunction problems, then FRIF, S2W, The John F Barnes Approach to MyoFascial Release (MFR/jfba), Total Applied Pain Science (TAPS), Re-Education With Movement & Stretching (REWMS), and Reiki as practiced in concert by me at SMBmassage.com are often able to bring you long-term relief.  This short list is by no means all-inclusive, but is simply a representation of some of the conditions I treat at SMBmassage.

If you want help with your conditions, then please eMail, text or call me (see Contact Information TAB).

Medical/Clinical Massage (CMMP) Cancer/Oncology Massage (OMPP)
FMS FibroMyalgia Syndrome Sport & athletic injuries
Back pain —  upper & lower Pelvic pain
Carpal tunnel syndrome Pelvic floor dysfunction
Chronic fatigue syndrome Neurological dysfunction
Trigger points Nerve entrapments
TMJ  Thoracic outlet syndrome
Myofascial pain syndrome Brachial plexus entrapment
Lymphatic flow, acute & long-term Pediatric issues
Acute & persistent (chronic) pain Women's Health Issues
Plantar fasciitis In-utero & birth injuries
IT Band tightness Pre-&-post-op tissue prep & scar rehab
ACL, PCL & other knee injuries  Lymphedema
Sciatica Vulvodynia
Head trauma Coccydynia
Sinus problems Interstitial cystitis — painful bladder syndrome
Headaches —  tension & migraine Urinary incontinence, urgency & frequency
Whiplash Infertility problems
Neck pain Endometriosis
Spinal disc & facet joint problems Menstrual problems
Scoliosis Mastectomy pain
Dural tube immobility & distortion Painful scars — burn & surgical
Sacroiliac joint problems Breast surgery scars
Lumbar-pelvic problems Episiotomy scars
Postural distortions C-section scars
Restricted motion Prostate scars
Lethargy Intercourse pain
Phantom limb pain Pudendal nerve entrapment
Spasm or spasticity Tendonitis
Fascial adhesions Adhesive capsulitis, shoulder & pelvis
Frozen shoulder Orthopedic rehabilitation
Bursitis Geriatrics

REMEMBER: that was not an exhaustive list.  To learn more about SMBmassage, me, and my services, hours & rates, please visit the website's other TABs.

Thank you for visiting Spirit-Mind-Body Massage & Reiki.  I hope to be able to serve you some day soon, either in own your home or at SMBmassage in San Jose, California.  Until then, for you and your loved ones, let every day be a great day, and may you enjoy each day & each other to the fullest.  Live in powerful peace.

Namaste, Dusty Rhodes, MS, CMT, CMMP, OMPP
MyoFascial Release & Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and Health Educator

email: RRhodes9@SMBmassage.com 
CAMTC # 67448
NPI # 1477098572

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DISCLAIMER:  While the services offered at  Spirit-Mind-Body Massage & Reiki  contribute to relaxation and an improved state of well-being, they are not intended to replace medical diagnosis and treatment.  I recommend first that you consult your physician regarding any illness or injury you might have, and about the complementary treatments provided by SMBmassage. I do not diagnose illnesses or injuries;  nor do I recommend diets, supplements, or medical treatments.

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