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2020 Mar
Whenever there is any strain in my body I go see Dusty, and leave with the tension released and the strain gone.  Once, after a severe accident where I ended up in a neck brace with whiplash, he worked on me intensively over 6 sessions.  The work included some wonderfully gentle slow movement and stretching (REWMS) to desensitize my peripheral neck nerves and to re-educate my brain (TAPS).  Apparently, we are genetically hard-wired to be hyper-protective of the neck area, given the roles of all the stuff that goes through that area, between our brain and the rest of our body.  The home self-care was enormously helpful.  The part of the health education regarding the nature of pain reassured me that I was not falling apart, that my brain was just trying to protect me.  The part relating to using REWMS at home was a life saver.  The two parts together allowed me to fearlessly do the home self-care exercises.  My physician was surprised how quickly my neck and my arm recovered. Dusty understands how the mind works with the body.  He listens to what I’m experiencing in my body and works with me in a skillful way.  
Verna L.

2020 Feb
When I first came in to have Dusty give me a full-body relaxation massage, he noticed I was having considerable trouble using my right arm when signing in.  I have had a frozen shoulder since 1998.  He asked if he could spend time on the shoulder as part of the session.  I agreed, but with some reservation, based on my past futile experiences with therapies.  By the end of the session, actually 20 minutes into it, I had full range of motion, again, with some pain from lack of use.  Three more sessions helped consolidate the gains and educated me in the use of the "yellow" ball for home self-care treatment to stay released, and to work on the rest of my body. OMG, after all these years, I thought I would never have it back. Thank you so much! It was magic.
Marcia S.

2020 Feb
I have been receiving monthly myofascial treatments from Dusty for the past 2 years.  Dusty is a wonderful listener and a knowledgeable and caring MFR therapist.  He always begins each session by taking time to discuss areas of discomfort or compromised movement.  His knowledge of bone, muscle and fascia integration are readily apparent through his dialogue and his massage and MFR therapy techniques.  Dusty’s care continues beyond the scheduled treatment time as he works with individuals to identify and teach specific strategies and stretches that can be performed at home to maintain and improve body movement.  Since being treated by Dusty my quality of life has improved with the elimination of pain and an increase in my energy and ability to maintain an active lifestyle.  I highly endorse Dusty as a myofascial release therapist.
Kate D.

2020 Jan
I had a herniated cervical disc that required surgical treatment. Following surgical intervention I continued to experience a great deal of pain and muscle spasms.  I was referred to Spirit-Mind-Body Massage & Reiki by a co-worker.  I began treatment 4 months ago and saw improvement within a week.  I value the unique approach, the interpersonal relationship, the knowledgeable therapist and the one-on-one instruction I have received. I strongly recommend Dusty and SMBmassage.
Ken H.

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2020 Jan
After numerous visits to a podiatrist and an orthopedic doctor and trying the standard recommended stretches for plantar fasciitis, I finally found Dusty at SMBmassage.  Within two months of the Myofascial Release therapy provided by Dusty, I was on the road to recovery.  Dusty's caring, positive, and professional demeanor immediately put me at ease.  His approach is gentle, hands-on, and personal.  Myofascial Release therapy is a highly effective treatment for pain and mobility restoration.  In addition to the in-office therapy, Dusty showed me what to do at home to ensure that the plantar fasciitis does not return. Dusty is an excellent practitioner of Myofascial Release therapy and I am deeply grateful for his help.
Diane R.

2019 Dec
I was referred to Dusty by a physiatrist as I am having a complicated, slow and painful recovery from cervical spine surgery.   Prior to working with Dusty, my muscles and fascia were so tight that my body had become crooked.  I was unable to effectively participate in physical therapy.  Myofascial release and amazing home self-care have helped improve my mobility, function and pain control.  Dusty is very gentle, skilled, kind and thoughtful.  I am now able to move forward in my journey of recovery. Thank you, Dusty
Joanne K.

2019 Dec
I had a very painful rotator cuff (shoulder) injury stemming from an ice skating accident.  I couldn't sleep through the night, wash my hair or put on a shirt without discomfort and difficulty.  I could barely lift my arm without significant pain and had severely restricted movement.  The injury was affecting every aspect of my life, including curtailing activities with my kids.  After months of pricey conventional massage and trying some very uncomfortable and time-consuming traditional physical therapy exercises, my yoga instructor recommended Dusty at SMBmassage.  Within one deeply relaxing session I had noticeably reduced pain.  Within 6 sessions I was pain-free, and had nearly all of the mobility back in my arm and shoulder.  I never think twice about how I put on a shirt now, or wince when I try to wash my hair.  I'm very, very grateful to have a working shoulder again and I know that my injury is healed! 
Becky S.

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2019 Oct
A friend told me about getting my lymphatic system massaged to help improve my lymphatic flow with the approaching flu season.  Apparently my lymph system is an important part of my immune system.  After my first session of whole-body lymph massage, I was so relaxed that I have had monthly lymphatic sessions, replacing my regular relaxation massages.  I'll see how things go during the flu season.  Dusty also used Reiki to help relax me.  Fantastic. More, please.  Oh, I nearly forgot, please get your credit card system operating.
Wilhelminia R. 

2019 Sep
I started going to see Dusty at SMBmassage in 2018.  I had a number of things that were going on physically and I was intrigued by his unique MFR approach to healing.  We scheduled a number of visits and each time we addressed all of the issues I was having and each week he targeted the specific areas that he thought would help me along the path to feeling better.  I was very pleased with the results of his MFR therapy technique.  As I mentioned earlier, we concentrated on a number of different areas and I feel so much better as a result of his treatment.  I'm dancin' again!
Dave M

2019 Aug
I am so glad I went to see Dusty before I had my shoulder surgery.  I have owned a San Jose landscaping business for 30-plus years.  I do a lot of heavy lifting to and from high shelves and truck beds.  Over time, my shoulders have deteriorated to the point that I could barely do my lifting, almost always needing help.  I was frozen up solid.  My orthopedic surgeon wanted to do a reverse shoulder reconstruction on my worst side, and wait and see for the other side, including a very long post-surgery recovery or two.  Nope. That did not appeal to me.  After doing some research, I found Dusty's Spirit-Mind-Body Massage & Reiki in San Jose, near home.  He, too, has had a frozen shoulder and rehabilitated it through MFR therapy.  But he had to travel to Texas to do it.  It's very reassuring to know that your therapist has been through it, too, and then studied with the therapist who rehab'ed him.  It took 16 sessions at 2-3 sessions per week to get both shoulders freed up and to have nearly complete range of motion returned to me.  My whole body from head to toe was affected, too, and needed work because of the length of time I was damaging myself and having to make sometimes extreme posture adjustments to reduce the ever-present pain — even now, it "hurts" to think about it.  We had to work on releasing the damage caused by all those many years of repeated nearly constant state of re-injury (giving no chance to heal), of distorted compensating movement patterns, and with restoring strength and muscle control to my upper body.  I had several home self-care activities to help move my therapy along, and a supportive wife who came to several sessions to learn how to help me.  Dusty strongly encourages direct family participation during sessions, to improve the treatment's effectiveness.  After the 16th session, he handed me over to a strength rehabilitation trainer who took me the rest of the way with building my strength and coordination back up.  And ... no surgery on either shoulder!  What a relief.  If you have a shoulder problem, then see Dusty.  If he can rehab me, then he likely can help you.
Saul R.

2019 Aug
After a lifetime of skepticism, it took just one session with Dusty to flip me into a believer in the power of MFR therapy.  Dusty has a sixth sense for reading root causes of problem areas across my mind-body and his therapy gave me marked relief almost immediately.  In addition to being thoroughly expert in applying MFR, Dusty seamlessly integrates other therapy methods into the sessions to best treat my specific issues.  He listens carefully to my words and body and is meticulous in monitoring progress and adjusting his approach.  His suggestions for self-help between sessions are very helpful.  Dusty has also guided me in the self-healing and helped me to open up to the therapeutic possibilities achievable through my own mindfulness.  I inevitably feel invigorated and renewed after a session with Dusty.  Regular monthly sessions with Dusty have become an essential part of my total well being.
Elena F.

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2019 Jun
I am a cancer survivor.  I am so happy to have found Dusty for his specialized oncology massage training.  I have nearly forgotten what it feels like to be touched with compassion.  Oncology massage is so light, like a feather tickling my skin hair.  His Reiki energy work is also very relaxing, usually a mix of hands-on and hands-off, and we have had a couple of distance sessions.  That was new and unexpected.  I have also had some lymphatic massage to help reduce my swelling, especially after my chemo and radiation sessions.  I so look forward to my weekly sessions, in my desperately seeking calmness and reduced stresses.
Robina M.

2019 Apr
My daughter has had wrist pain for about 10 months.  She had an x-ray and an MRI, but nothing showed up.  Started MFR with Dusty at SMBmassage.  After 2 treatments the pain in her wrist was gone.  I had bought a 4-pack.  He cheerfully refunded me the 2 unused sessions.
Everett Q.

2019 Apr
I was at the end of my rope when I discovered Dusty at Spirit-Mind-Body Massage & Reiki in San Jose.  Chronic lower back pain was destroying my quality of life.  It had gotten so bad that I had difficulty driving due to the spasms that ran down my legs.  The Orthopedist diagnosed the problem as being the result of two bulging discs in my lower back.  I had tried everything from traditional physical therapy to acupuncture, cupping, and Chinese massage (which was so painful that after two sessions I quit further treatment).  All to no avail.  I was contemplating an epidural to block the pain when a search of the Internet introduced me to myofascial release and SMBmassage.  I called and asked whether this type of therapy could really help me and Dusty actually called me back.  I explained to him my symptoms and he told me how the therapy had helped him;  he has 2 herniated discs in his neck and 3 in his lower back, but no more pain unless he wants to think about it.  That was enough for me to give it a try.  I made an appointment and with every treatment I gradually began to feel relief from the constant nagging pain I had been experiencing.  It took about 8 weeks to get to the point where I felt “pain free,” but from the very beginning of the therapy I knew that I was moving in the right direction.  Dusty lent me a couple of books to read to gain a better understanding of the science behind myofascial release and it all began to make sense to me.  I continue to visit Dusty at least monthly to make sure that I am maintaining proper alignment to keep the pain at bay, and we review and adjust my home self-care program.  Dusty is an amazing therapist and provides a calm and safe environment for treatment.
Evelyn C.

2019 Mar
Dusty is phenomenal.  He worked on some very sensitive areas of my body with the utmost professionalism.  I will continue my sessions with him and I am already feeling better after one session.  He explained everything he was doing and why, to both me and my husband.  He put us both at ease with the treatments.  After six years of trying everything, we now have hope!  Highly recommend.
Lori C.

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2019 Feb
Wow, what is this thing called Zero Balancing?  After an hour ZB session, I am so relaxed, so deep into an altered state of consciousness that Dusty needs to nudge me awake.  I've never had anything like it.  I've been coming every two weeks, now. Can't get enough of it.  And he has many other techniques and modalities with which to relax you.  Plenty of variety over several sessions.
Kathy K.

2019 Jan
For almost a year I had constant hip pain and numbness going down my leg.  This pain and numbness kept me from what I love to do which is golf and go on road trips.  I had seen many different therapist and doctors throughout the years for pain relief.  I was looking on line one day and found information on Myofascial Release.  I searched to find a local therapist and found Spirit-Mind-Body Massage & Reiki in San Jose.  After four Myofascial Release sessions with Dusty I had “No” pain and only a little numbness in my toes.  I then tried to play Golf again and was able to do so without any pain!   I am so grateful for the pain relief that Dusty has helped me with.  I am now back to golf and road trips!!!
Lorn S.

2018 Dec
Ever since I received a whiplash injury from an auto accident in early 2017, I have had unrelenting neck pain, with any head and upper-body movement in any direction. Recently, my new primary care physician suggested that I visit Dusty at Spirit-Mind-Body Massage & Reiki for some myofascial release and total applied pain science treatment. It turns out that Dusty has the same PCP. After only one session, I was mostly pain-free and with most of my ROM back. WOOT WOOT! Since patient self-care is an important part of Dusty's treatment, I used all 4 sessions in my 4-pack to consolidate the first session's work, and to learn appropriate self-care. At Dusty's urging, I brought my Significant Other to the 3rd and 4th sessions to learn, too.  Now I also get my regular monthly massage with Dusty. 
Anastasia P.

2018 Nov
I have been a client of Dusty's for over 1 year and I am hooked!  He is very knowledgeable and always creates the best plan for my body's problems, aches and pains and other restrictions.  I have experienced quite a variety of techniques, changing as my state of healing moves forward.  With all his styles he provides a customized, usually multi-session experience and for a great price.  I have been to big spas that charge a lot more and give you a cookie cutter massage;  I would be lucky to be pain-free until I got out to my car in the parking lot.  I would much rather see Dusty at SMBmassage and actually leave the massage feeling better. He actually deals with the root causes which he explains clearly to me.  If you haven't tried him, I definitely recommend making an appointment.  He's top drawer!
Robin S.

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2018 Oct
Dusty worked magic with my diagnosed plantar fasciitis, using MFR and the soft "blue peanut" rubber ball.  I got immediate relief the first day.  Three more sessions worked with other techniques to help release the tightness in the foot and leg.  He work my entire body, all the way up to my jaw area.  The MFR was also amazingly gentle and relaxing, not what I had expected.  I am doing home self-care MFR to relieve any reoccurrence of the pain, and to keep at the whole-body MFR while at home.
Calvin "Hobs" H.

2018 Sep
Most of my life, I have been prone to muscle weakness and soft tissue pain.  Now in my late sixties I also have osteoarthritis.  I find the myofascial release approach reduces inflammation, restores flexibility, and preserves good range of motion.  Six months after a knee replacement and traditional physical therapy, I was still experiencing pain and inability to bend my knee extensively.  Dusty's MFR and somatic movement therapeutic methods softened the scar tissue and relieved my discomforts, and Medi-Cupping greatly improved the appearance of the surgical scar.  Dusty's skilled care, knowledge, and expertise assures the patient of correct assessments and complementary therapies to find the root causes and alleviate the problems. The whole-body approach to treatment improves health and promotes general wellness.
Elberta R.

2018 Jul
I came to SMBmassage for relief of pain in my jaw.  After some whole-body detective work, Dusty felt that I had developed trigger points in the calf.  I regularly run obstacle course races such as Spartans and Tough Mudders, where I frequently bang up my calves while getting past the obstacles.  He said that, while this is a rare trigger point, OCR participants appear to get it more because of the punishing traumas to the lower leg, especially the calf. After 4 sessions of MFR, and home self-care activities with soft green and red rubber balls, focusing  on the lower legs and feet, I no longer have jaw pain.  Thank you so  much.  Who would have guessed the connection between my legs and my face?  Dusty has obviously treated it before.
Arthur R.

2018 Jun
I am retired now, and I love to play tennis, but decades of labor had left me with bad posture and increasing stiffness in my hips. Some mornings I could hardly climb the stairs or put on my socks. My son-in-law recommended that I get some MFR and somatic re-education therapy, to work on my back and hips;  he suggested going to SMBmassage.  After the first hour session it was immediately easier to go up and down the stairs in my home. He even taught me some simple stretches and "yellow ball" work to help me between sessions. Thanks and cheers!
James L.

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2018 May
Dusty is amazing!  His knowledge of functional anatomy and how to address immediate discomfort and help rebuild your body from trauma is nothing short of miraculous.  It would be magic, except I know he studies intensely and regularly to offer the pinnacle of physical healing and comfort.
Renea la F.

2018 May
I’ve seen Dusty twice in a week so far, but both sessions have had a positive effect on my neck and lower back issues.  The pain greatly reduced the next day, so it must be working.  I was skeptical at first because it is such a gentle procedure.  I appreciate the way Dusty explains what goes wrong with the body to create the pain and also self-care things I can do to avoid going back into pain. He has magic hands.
Marguerite G.

2018 Apr
I came to Dusty for relaxation before going to the hospital for abdominal surgery to remove extensive scaring as the result of 4 past C-sections.  He gave me myofascial release and Medi-Cupping to soften the fascia (scar tissue) in the areas of the surgical scaring, some bikini-line, some up and down the tummy. I had three sessions that week before the surgery, as well as some home self-care work.  My relief was so great that I considered canceling the surgery and continuing the self-care at home.  But then I decided to have the surgery done.  Dusty said that he could give me post-surgical MFR to keep the new scaring soft, and Medi-Cupping to diminish the size of the scars.  He even said I should invite my husband to come in to learn so that my home self-care could be more effective.  Dusty has given me post-surgery scar management work which has eliminated the pain I thought I would feel, as I had had after the C-sections.  My husband works with me at home, so nice.  My doctor says that my post-surgical recovery is going very very well.  The scar is so much smaller.  I see and feel the difference.
Molli F.

2018 Feb
My experiences with Dusty have always been exceptional, but recently due to a frozen shoulder due to calcification tendonitis he has gone over and above expectations.  He truly is concerned with my well being and wants to help lessen my pain with his knowledge of clinical massage. It helps that he, too, has had a frozen shoulder, and had it rehabilitated by the master of frozen shoulders in Richland Hills, Texas.  In four sessions, he has greatly increased my range of motion of my shoulder, which has decreased my pain.  I can now raise my arm over head to do simple things like shampooing my hair, putting on a blouse, etc.  The best part is that I am actually sleeping again.  We are taking each massage very slow and more of them.  I believe that Dusty will get me totally pain free and full range of motion in my shoulder!  Thanks Dusty! You are the best.  And I don't need to go to Richland Hills, TX, just to San Jose, CA!.
Lonna Lee D.

2018 Feb
I broke my leg skiing with a spiral fracture.  Not happy with that.  I went to Dusty at SMBmassage for pain relief, and myofacial release and Medi-Cupping to help keep tissues soft and to reduce the intensity of scaring in the lower leg and ankle, both the invisible internal scaring and the visible surgical scars.  He also worked on my entire body because of the compensating movements and skeletal distortion I experienced while I was using crutches.  He always seemed to know where I needed special attention.  I don't know how he reads me, but I do experience what feels like energy movement through my body that he says he can read.  Whatever.  It seems to work.  I am now doing well.  He's taught me a lot about rehabilitative stretching and helped me understand pain much better.  Thanks Dusty.
Linda P.

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2018 Jan
I am a dance major in college.  I have been dancing since age 5 and am now 21. Through the years of strenuous long hours on my feet and dance movements I ended up with bulging disks in my back creating horrible pain.  I would be in tears at night from pain.  My friend mentioned to me to check out SMBmassage and see if Myofascial Release would help me.  I was amazed at the improvements in my posture and my pain relief after a few sessions of MFR. Dusty, my MFR therapist, taught me many different self-care techniques for me to do at home or when I feel tightness or pain. What I learned about the role of fascia has helped me understand how to maintain my flexibility. My range of motion is so much greater, now. This has helped me tremendously in my personal life and my professional life as a dancer.  I can’t imagine what I would be like if I hadn’t found Dusty and MFR to help me … and to teach me how to take care of myself to keep my body in harmony.  I am enjoying what I do again!!
Veronica F.

2017 Dec
In 2016 I was having discomfort and pain in my neck and not knowing why. I went to my physician and was told I must have injured it in some way.  He prescribed physical therapy and I was told that would help.  After doing 2 rounds of therapy and actually having more discomfort after that, my physician wanted a MRI of my neck and then to see another doctor that reported the MRI showed that I had a bone spur on my neck that was causing my pain and was told that I needed surgery to relieve the pain.  Not feeling good about that answer I came home discouraged.  I had a relative that had problems with his back and hips and had found great relief with Myofascial Release she received at SMBmassage with Dusty.  I wasn’t thrilled with the prospect of a surgery so I decided to give MFR a try.  I’m so glad I made that decision.  My neck pain was relieved after several sessions and I no longer suffer from neck pain.  I keep MFR in my life because of the benefits of how my body feels afterwards.  I can’t explain it but I know it works!!
Charlamane B.

2017 Nov
I wanted a whole-body massage.  Dusty gave me a general whole-body myofascial release massage.  So relaxing.  So good.  I feel my stress melt away.  I go monthly, now, with a 12-pack.  He uses many different techniques for whole-body work, like MFR, lymph massage, very gentle stretching and movement, Zero balancing, Dermo-Neuro-Modulation — like a butterfly walking on my skin, sometimes Swedish.  I recommend SMBmassage for stress relief with variety.  Whooha twice, and twice more, again.  Go straight to SMBmassage.
Lyndanee J.

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2017 Sep
Dusty is a great massage therapist. His massages were unique and catered to me. Unlike other massages I've had from others in the past where they just squeeze their hands and dig and elbow you in places that don't make you feel good, Dusty is able to figure out where your areas of tension and stress are, and really tune into your body and use techniques to alleviate your pain and muscle knots.  He really works hard, and you can tell he really cares and enjoys what he does.  Go see Dusty at SMBmassage.
Andrew W.

2017 Aug
I'd heard from friends about SMBmassage, so when I hurt myself while working out I decided to give it a try.  One of the best decisions I've made.  The therapist I saw was named Dusty.  I told him what was hurting, and an hour later I felt amazing.  I've been going weekly since then and he's always been able to help me out whatever was hurting. He's even had lots of great advice for treatments that I can do at home to help me feel better between appointments.  Whether you're looking for a regular treatment or just some time to relax I'd highly suggest checking out this place.  Dusty helped me immensely.
Rebecca T.

2017 Jun
Dusty is amazing!  I have been visiting SMBmassage since March of 2016 and continue to receive the best massage therapy in San Jose.  Whenever I have lower and upper back and neck tension, he is my go-to therapist.  I always leave visits feeling refreshed and relieved.  Because Dusty explains clearly why he is doing stuff, and why he is suggesting home self-care activities and how they work, I actually do my home self-care which helps me between sessions when I am in pain or I injure myself.  MFR rules.  I continue to send everyone I know to see Dusty at SMBmassage and recommend you schedule an appointment, now.
Toni K.

2017 May
Dusty is an incredible body worker.  He is adept at reading my body and works to bring my body back into alignment by releasing my muscles and rehydrating my fascia.  His hands just seem to know what's wrong and how much pressure (very little) to apply on any given area.  Dusty has managed to bring me relief when no one else could and provide me with a home self-care therapy plan that I can work on between sessions.  He is one of those people with a natural gift for massage and teaching that he employs in a very knowledgeable and caring way.
Sean O'H.

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2017 Mar
Dusty's knowledge, experience & bodywork is great.  Our bodies are funny things (amazing too, but funny).  How injuries present themselves often is a deeper story.  This is when it is great to have a guide like Dusty to work with and see you through it.
Aarone S.

2017 Mar
Dusty came highly recommended by another massage therapist and decided to give him a try back in October. After my first session with Dusty I signed up for the 12-pack and have been going ever since.  I have had a few massages in the past, but none have compared to the ones from Dusty. He finds problem areas that I didn't even know I had!  He says the body is strangely and wonderfully connected, and that the problem is seldom where the pain is.  Pretty much the best I ever feel is when I am walking away from SMBmassage, and it lasts and lasts.  If I ever end up rich, best believe I'll be visiting weekly.  Thanks Dusty and SMBmassage, see you again in a few weeks!
Holdana S.

2017 Feb
I've been going to Dusty at SMBmassage for almost a year now.  I have consistent back issues and now knee issues and headaches, and if someone massages me wrong, it can be very bad, painful — I know because it's happened with others.  When I finally made an appointment with him, and what can I say, I was REALLY impressed.  He really listens to what I want achieved, and he selects the appropriate techniques for finding the root causes and relieving my issues.  Something called myofascial release, oh so gentle and relaxing as well as therapeutic.  And he gives me well-explained easy home self-care activities when I am between scheduled sessions.  Little 4-in soft rubber balls and a blue peanut.  We've been focusing on my pelvic twists and turns and tilts, making really good progress. I learn so much during my sessions.  He also does phone consults when I am in particularly bad shape.
Girardo M.

2017 Jan
Dusty is magical!  He will suss out my issues and do real work to make lasting change!  I have worked with him for months and find that he not only gets me out of pain but enhances my quality of life with better mobility and tools to keep me from getting into pain in the first place.  He taught me how to do a rehab stretch, how to view pain as my friend (hmmmm!), and about nerve-muscle dynamics when stretching and very very slowly moving — moving like cold syrup.  I would highly recommend his skills to anyone who is dealing with chronic muscular, tendon, nerve, or any body pain whatsoever.  If other methods don't seem to really be getting to the heart of your issue, then I believe he is the person to change that!
Otitiatta W.

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2016 Dec
For me, a massage is not only a form of relaxation, it helps me in healing pain and improving physical health. Conditioning daily for triathlons and marathons puts a strain on my body and can be mentally taxing as well — I reward myself to a massage with Dusty twice a month.  The massages drastically reduce the tension and soreness I experience after large races and this has been helping me to stay healthy and happy. He has a large arsenal of therapy methods to treat anything I bring to him.  Dusty is flexible with his schedule and has an easy-to-access location — and to top it off, his massages are excellent.  I have had multiple massage therapists in Los Gatos, but I will now be sticking with Dusty going forward.  
Tod B. 

2016 Nov
Remarkable massage therapist.  It is obvious that Dusty has spend long hours learning his skill and has developed his ability to the point that he is a master of his craft. He is definitely one of those people that has found what he was born to contribute to this world and I for one am truly grateful to have found such an intuitive, professional with such remarkable skills. Although he makes his living this way, I can tell that he loves what he does and has a genuine concern for others. He is the BEST!
Gloria H.

2016 Sep
I have lived with back and hip pains for over 9 years and along the way tried many doctors and therapies.  I recently met Dusty for MFR massage and he has been the one to properly assess the nature of my problems and to address the root sources of my pain.  After just 2 visits, I feel remarkably better.  Dusty is super knowledgeable, skilled, kind and friendly.  His work space is clean, crisp and peaceful.  I feel healing energy there. Highly recommend.
Claria K.

2016 Aug
The myofascial release part really worked well for me because they could get really deep into the scar tissue and the muscles that were really bothering my right shoulder.  So did the Medi-Cupping.  No hickeys on my shoulder area.
Barb M.

2016 Jul
I was referred to Dusty by a very good friend because I was having severe muscle spasms after knee replacement surgery. These spasms severely hindered my recovery.  After several treatments he was able to calm the various leg muscles and move some accumulated fluid surrounding the knee which allowed me to get the maximum benefit from my exercises.  I was so pleased with the result of his work that I went to him before and after my second knee replacement.  He even reduced the size and visibility of the scars.  In addition to being an incredible therapist technically, Dusty's calmness and empathy as a person are very important parts of his treatment.
Juliana G.

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2016 May
Dusty's knowledge, skill and caring helped me relax and trust the process.  I finally had a previously rare, but now regular, pain-free night of sleep.  I am really encouraged going forward!  You come see for your needs.
Marie H.

2016 Apr
Nice relaxing treatment space.  Dusty explained everything in terms I understood.  Has given me complete relief in my arm, and my knees feel better.
Jon L.

2016 Mar
Dusty has a calm, informed touch and works in an unexpectedly serene treatment space.  He understands, respects, and gracefully applies all the principles of John F Barnes' myofascial release.  He is truly dedicated practitioner!  MFR marries the science of changing restricted tissue with the individual therapist's intuitive, artistic skills to create amazing healing results.  My sessions with Dusty are everything I had hoped for and more, particularly a couple of wild & unexpected unwindings (emotional releases).  He held beautiful space for my mind and body to heal, to unwind,  and offered me ideas for self-treatment to keep me moving forward after each of my sessions.  I'm Grateful.
Karen B.

2016 Mar
Myofascial release is not like regular massage.  I have been having massage since the early '90's. MFR, REWMS and TAPS have changed my life.  I now feel as though I will be able to work in comfort for many more years.  Before MFR I would be in a lot of pain by mid-day.  If you want to heal, MFR is the way.  Self-care and drinking lots of water make the healing last between sessions.  I feel fantastic!
Tracy R. 

2016 Feb
Dusty is a gem. He delivers results that last and provide long term benefit as well as immediate relief.
Sarah R.

2016 Jan
From beginning to end a wonderful experience. The care and compassion that Dusty provides can be felt both through the work that is done, and also in the way he explains it.  You can tell that he cares deeply about helping to reduce your pain, offering home self-care advise for actions, movements and stretches to be done outside the studio that will help you in the long run, and explains the what, the why and the how in a way that they sink in and you actually want to do them; making sure that you know what to feel for so you get the most out of the stretches.
Helen K.


DISCLAIMER:  While the services offered at  Spirit-Mind-Body Massage & Reiki  contribute to relaxation and an improved state of well-being, they are not intended to replace medical diagnosis and treatment.  I recommend first that you consult your physician regarding any illness or injury you might have, and about complementary treatments provided by SMBmassage. I do not diagnose illnesses or injuries;  nor do I recommend diets, supplements, or medical treatments.

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