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Acute & Persistent Chronic Pain & Stress Relief Through
Integrated MyoFascial Release, Massage & Reiki Energy Therapies

Hello, my name is Dusty Rhodes, owner of both  Spirit-Mind-Body Massage & Reiki (SMBmassage)  and  Archangel Integrative Wellness Management

I seek not only to help you relieve your acute & persistent chronic symptoms, discomforts, and dysfunctions, but also to find and mitigate their root causes — I treat you holistically as a whole person, not as just a bundle of symptoms and diagnoses

I am a professional MyoFascial Release & Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and Health Educator, licensed by the State of California (CMT,  CAMTC  # 67448).  

I am listed nationally as a  Certified Medical Massage Practitioner (CMMP)  and as an  Advanced MyoFascial Release Therapist (MFR/jfba);  and designated & listed nationally by  S4OM.org  as an   Oncology Massage Preferred Provider (OMPP).

My medical NPI (National Provider Identification) number is 1477098572.

I graduated from the 1350-hour  Advanced Neuromuscular Massage Therapy and Health Educator (ANMT)  program of classroom & hands-on training, externship & clinical practice, offered by the National Holistic Institute, A College of Massage Therapy.  NHI, a nationally recognized leader, provides comprehensive, well-rounded clinically-based hands-on neuromuscular massage therapy and health educator training.  

At SMBmassage, I use   FRIFTM,  the   Functional Re-Integration FrameworkTM,  that allows me to intuitively integrate appropriate elements from several advanced medical, clinical, orthopedic, therapeutic, neuromuscular, relaxation and energy therapies,  including health education.  I do not use a rigid cookie-cutter protocol, but rather, I intuitively adapt my choices by "listening" to what you, your body and your energy field tell me. The specific blend of  FRIF  therapies used depends not only on the goals of the therapy session, but also is adapted to suit the set of pathologies presented & encountered during the session.  Often, there will be relevant & necessary client-therapist dialog during a session to help us understand what is happening with you, thereby providing me guidance regarding how and where next to work, using which methods.

The S2WTM, or Stairway to WellnessTM,  model within  FRIF  allows the client and the therapist, working together, to make better-informed choices regarding realistic expectations, the blend of techniques, desired therapeutic outcomes, and cost. 

Foundations:  Within FRIF,  SMBmassage's foundational manual therapy modality is  The John F Barnes Approach to  MyoFascial Release (MFR/jfba),  a non-diagnostic whole-body manual therapy. It focuses on finding and releasing fascial restrictions throughout the whole body.  Given the all-pervasive networked nature of fascia into every cell and corner of the body, and the client's unique life history, the root cause of symptoms can be anywhere;  hence, the need for an integrated whole-body approach, and the necessary accompanying detective work.

Refer to the  Services  TAB or John F Barnes MFR website for details about  MFR/jfba  and other therapies I draw upon within FRIF.

Based on a client intake assessment, often working closely with the client's physician, I recommend the client's specific therapeutic program, customizing each therapy session to integrate a suitable combination of several modalities to address the dysfunctions and associated pathologies.

The client's specific pain, stress, clinical, orthopedic and therapeutic needs drive how each therapy session is customized within the context of the client's medical prescription or long-term program of manual & energy therapies and self-care, for maintaining and improving health and wellness. 

At SMBmassage, I facilitate the client's healing process.  As such, I expect my clients to take a significant and active role in their own healing process.  In order to lower the  client's healthcare costs, FRIF — especially MFR/jfba — includes self-care as an integral part of the client's health education and recovery.

APPOINTMENTS:  Please text me at 408-806-5478 to book your appointments in accordance with the  Hours & Rates  TAB.  

Payment and Health Insurance:  I do not accept credit cards or medical insurance;  cash & checks are OK.

Please Note:  Some clinical therapy work will be performed only with the advice and consent of your physician.

LOCATION:  Spirit-Mind-Body Massage & Reiki  offers its integrative MFR/jfba, clinical, orthopedic, sports & therapeutic manual & energy therapy, and health education services through house calls;  and when remodeling is complete, also at 2618 Hill Park Dr, San Jose, CA  95124.  

Continuing Studies:  Subsequent to graduating from NHI, I have taken — and continue to take — over 700 additional hours of hands-on training and skill-building through workshops, externships and certification programs, including such disciplines as:  the John F Barnes Approach to MyoFascial Release (MFR/jfba), Total Applied Pain ScienceTM (TAPSTM) for pain management, Reiki Master, lymphatic drainage therapy (LDT), dermo-neuro-modulation (DNM), Acupressure, Zero Balancing (ZB);  Functional Re-Integration  FrameworkTM (FRIFTM), Certified Medical Massage Practitioner (CMMP), Oncology Massage Preferred Provider (OMPP), The Radical Remission Project (TRRP);  advanced neuromuscular therapy (ANMT), burn scar (CBSMT), myoskeletal alignment therapy (MAT), medi-cupping (ACE), therapeutic (TT) & comfort (CT) touch, Swedish massage, Shiatsu, slow medicine, reflexology, advanced sports massage;  active isolated stretching (AIS), Feldenkrais, somatic re-education, muscle energy & positional release techniques, muscle testing and orthopedic assessment.  

My integrative medical, clinical and advanced neuromuscular therapy (ANMT) training with both the National Holistic Institute (NHI), and several elite medical massage & manual therapy masters & pioneers, prepares me well to take a  Holistic Bio-Psycho-Social***  view of each client, in order to understand more fully the client's lifetime of experiences, and how these experiences might be affecting both the client's overall health and wellness, and the appropriate mix of therapies for the healing program.

One important goal  of my integrative manual & energy therapy services is to reduce your persistent chronic stress by helping you move into a state of being characterized by a greater  Rest, Digest & Repair*  state —  moving away  from a persistent chronic  Fight, Flight or Freeze**  state of being, dominated by the Sympathetic Nervous System, and often characterized by high persistent chronic stress, poor sleep, and compromised immune & digestive systems;  and  moving toward  a deeper  Rest, Digest & Repair*  state of being, dominated by the Para-Sympathetic Nervous System, with well-documented benefits for lowering stress and inflammation, and for improving your immune & digestive systems and your general health & wellness. 

The scientific literature finds that 85%-95% of all human health problems are strongly related to stress.  Your hormonal balance, body chemistry, and cell operating environment change,  based partly on the balance you maintain between your sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems.  Changes to the cell operating environment can cause epigenetic changes to your DNA's mix of gene characteristic expression and inhibition.  Some of these epigenetic changes have evolved beneficially over time, while others are not so beneficial or there has not been enough evolutionary time to make beneficial adaptations.  Fortunately, one of the properties of an epigenetic change is that it can be reversed, unlike a random internal structural DNA mutation;  however, epigenetic changes can also be passed along to your unborn children for several generations.  Epigenetic changes DO NOT change the underlying genetic structure of your DNA.

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My Vision:  To help realize my Vision of delivering truly integrative healthcare and medicine into your community and your life, I work with AMTA, the American Massage Therapy Association, through its California Chapter  (AMTA-CA), and with AIHM, the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine, to seek ways to bring together at The Client-Patient Healthcare Roundtable, the complementary bio-psycho-social holistic integrative and eastern healing & wellness wisdoms, and the western allopathic & osteopathic bio-medical wisdoms, with the intention to help our clients-patients intelligently & actively manage & participate in achieving their own health and wellness.

I also own and operate  The Marguerite Elizabeth Giuliano 1000 Cranes Foundation, dedicated to answering the question of how to improve health care in your community and in America. 

My public advocacy voice soon will become present through the Holistic Integrative Health and Medicine Advocacy Network (www.HIHMAN.net), dedicated to delivering holistic integrative health and medicine into your community and your life.

I also own and operate Choose Once Again (www.ChooseOnceAgain.info), helping you discover your way home to Source.  I believe in Spiritual Pathing to foster compassionate, connected, enlightened, awakened individuals and communities.  The name is inspired by  "Choose Once Again",  the final section in ACIMA Course In Miracles, 3rd Edn., section T.31.VIII, beginning on  can you believe it  page 666.

I also own and operate the Total Applied Pain Science Institute (www.TAPSI.org), enhancing our clinical understanding of how to apply in totality, modern pain theory & science to improve outcomes for acute & persistent pain management, manual therapy, and client self-care & health education opportunities.  

I am certified in First Aid, CPR and AED.

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Archangel  from whence aroseth a name such as this? 

Four ArchagelsAs I have developed my skills, understanding and clinical practice in the eastern and holistic healing modalities, I have come to believe strongly in the spiritual, mental & emotional aspects of life and their influence on our health and wellness. 

Consequently, I use the phrase spirit-mind-body to acknowledge the origin and  full connection to Source, rather than the more limiting phrase mind-body.  While I do believe that it is not necessary to be highly spiritual to obtain benefit from spirit-mind-body healing, I also believe that having a vital spiritual life improves your receptiveness to the full potential of spirit-mind-body healing, and diminishes the possibility of having skeptical blocks.  To highlight this spiritual connection, I have chosen several symbols from several spiritual wisdoms and paths. 

The name derives from my use of the four principle Archangels recognized by the world's major religions:  The Archangel St. Micha-el, The Archangel St. Rapha-el, The Archangel St. Gabri-el and The Archangel St. Euri-el.  They are among the few with the title "Angel of His Presence" —  allowing them to be in the presence of God, or Shekhinah.

The Archangel St. Micha-el, "One who is like God", is the leader of the archangels.  His specialty is nurturing love, forgiveness, compassion, mercy, courage, optimism, strength, justice and loving kindness;  while vanquishing fear, anxiety, hatred, weakness, evil, injustice and pessimism.  Saint Michael has the color blue, although not all artists agree on blue.  One well-known angel reader asserts that Big Mike also does computer technical support! 

The Archangel St. Rapha-el, "God heals", is the Divine Healer, and sports the color green.  Saint Raphael is also the patron protector of healers and voyagers.  We are indeed on a great voyage toward meaningful healthcare reform for all.

The Archangel St. Gabri-el, "God reveals", is the Divine Messenger, and has been seen wearing yellow, gold, copper and orange colors.  Saint Gabriella  archangels have no gender  is the patron protector of educators, writers, speakers, entertainers, and the like. 

The Archangel St. Euri-el, "The Light of God"  is  "Regent of the Sun" and the "Fountain of Divine Wisdom";  he wears the color red.  Saint Euriel is a patron of the arts and sciences, and interprets prophecies.

All of these Archangels' characteristics and responsibilities are important to delivering truly compassionate holistic integrative health, wellness and medicine. 

Knights of the Round TableThe Client-Patient Healthcare Roundtable:  In order to deliver holistic integrative health and medicine into our communities and our lives, we will need love, compassion, courage and strength;  we must be healers;  we must educate and reach out to demonstrate and deliver the message;  we must make wise choices regarding how to bring all the world's healing and wellness wisdoms together at The Client-Patient Healthcare Roundtable, all the better to help our clients actively and knowledgeably manage their own health and wellness. 

The Roundtable is a dual metaphor for "unity" and "equality", as symbolized by the Knights of the Roundtable in King Arthur's Court, wherein all who sat together at the Roundtable did so in Unity as Equals, even in the presence of the King. 

My vision is for the practitioners of all relevant healing and wellness wisdoms to sit together in "unity" as "equals" at The Client-Patient Healthcare Roundtable, with the client-patient as the Client-King, to plan and manage together, delivering the client-patient's health and wellness as one "unified" self-respecting high-performance integrative healthcare team.

My current focus is on the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, extending from Sacramento to Santa Cruz. 

Thank you for visiting Spirit-Mind-Body Massage & Reiki.  I hope to be able to serve you at SMBmassage some day soon, in San Jose, California.  Until then, for you and your loved ones, let every day be a great day, and may you enjoy each one and each other to the fullest.

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And always remember this:  

     No pain, no gain;  
     Know pain, know gain.
     Now that's INSANE;  
     And it's NOT supported by science! 

Here's how it really works:

     No pain, know gain;
     Know pain, no gain.

     Now that IS SANE;
     And it IS supported by science!     

You can visit the SMBmassage website again at:  http://www.SMBmassage.com/ . 

Namaste, Dusty Rhodes, MS, CMT, CMMP, OMPP
MyoFascial Release & Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and Health Educator 

email: RRhodes9@SMBmassage.com
CAMTC # 67448
NPI # 1477098572


*  The Relaxation Response, 1975, by Herbert Benson, MD, Harvard Medical School

** Wisdom of the Body, 1932, by Walter B Cannon, MD, Harvard Medical School

*** The BioPsychoSocial Model and the Education of Health Professionals, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, George L Engel, MD, Volume 310, Jun 1978, pages 169-181.


DISCLAIMER:  While the services offered at  Spirit-Mind-Body Massage & Reiki  contribute to relaxation and an improved state of well-being, they are not intended to replace medical diagnosis and treatment.  I recommend first that you consult your physician regarding any illness or injury you might have, and about the complementary treatments provided by SMBmassage. I do not diagnose illnesses or injuries;  nor do I recommend diets, supplements, or medical treatments.

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