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Using MyoFascial Release for Pain, Stress & Physical Rehabilitation Management
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Acute & Persistent Chronic Pain & Stress Relief Through
Integrated MyoFascial Release, Massage & Reiki Energy Therapies


NOTE:  Please read the Home Page NEWS that house calls and other in-person services are not offered during California's COVID-19 shutdown and recovery periods.

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Base Service & Rate:  A single MFR, massage & energy therapy session is 50 minutes long, including time for appropriate assessment, orthopedic testing and health education.  Single sessions are available for $150 per session, payable in advance by cash or check;  I accept neither credit cards nor health insurance. 

Sessions are also offered through discounted clubs & multi-session "deal packs", and other specials  such as "The Intensive."  Please check the home page for current specials;  Special Clubs and Discounts  are described further down on this page.

Appointments:  Book your sessions in accordance with the daily schedule at the top of this page, at least 48 hours prior to the session time.  Appointments are 50 minutes long and begin at:
        **   Noon   **   2:00 PM   **   4:00 PM   **  

Please eMail, text or call me at 408-806-5478 — emailing & texting  are preferred — to begin discussing your needs and to get your appointments booked.

House Calls:  Have table, will travel!  Since I am currently offering only house calls, my new temporarily reduced house-call rate is $150 for a single 50-minute house-call session, unless there are unusual circumstances requiring additional fees, i.e., long drive, no elevators. Also, lower rates are available through the bulk Deal Packs listed below.

Credit Cards and Health Insurance:  I accept neither health insurance nor credit cards.  

Clinical Therapy:  Each therapy session includes necessary time for client intake assessment & consultation to establish, review & update the client's health, wellness, lifestyle & habit history;  to develop a strategy for the day's session;  and to provide an end-of-session review and client health education. 

Energy Therapy:  While Energy Therapy  usually Reiki, Tong Ren & Therapeutic Touch  is regularly blended into massage sessions, any session can be devoted entirely to receiving Reiki, Tong Ren & Therapeutic Touch therapy to help you with your spiritual, karmic, mental, emotional and physical issues. 

I am nationally listed as a   Certified Medical Massage Practitioner (CMMP)  and as an  Advanced MyoFascial Release Therapist (MFR/jfba);  and designated by  S4OM.org  as being an   Oncology Massage Preferred Provider (OMPP).

My medical NPI (National Provider Identification) number is 1477098572.  

Special Clubs and Discounts:

Client Discount Deal Packs:  At any time, for clients of my MFR, massage and Reiki therapy services, I offer several discounted deal-packs of 50-minute sessions, usually in increments of 4 sessions.  These client discount deal packs have a use-by date, beginning from their purchase date, i.e., the 4-pack must be entirely used within 4 months, the 16-pack, within 16 months. 

  • One single session  @  $150
  • One new-client 1+1 intro  @  $150
  • The   4-pack  @   $520
  • The   8-pack  @ $1000
  • The 12-pack  @ $1440
  • The 16-pack  @ $1840
  • The Intensive — Please eMail or text me to start the discussion of your special needs.

New-Client Try-Before-You-Buy 1+1 Intro-Pack:  As a potential new client, perhaps you are not yet certain about purchasing a full 4-or-more-session Deal Pack. You can "test the waters" with one try-before-you-buy session for $150, and receive a free second session. During the first session, we might spend extra time being clinical detectives, such as conducting orthopedic tests and discussing your personal history and specific therapeutic experiences & needs.  These two introductory sessions are to be used within two months of their purchase date, and within four weeks of each other.

The Intensive:  You can squash your sessions together as closely as my schedule allows with The Intensiverunning in the extreme as frequently as three (3) sessions per day, five (5) days a week, for one or more weeks, for serious issues in need of intensive therapy in the early stages;  however, the usual intensive schedule is more like one-two sessions a day, three-four days a week, in increments of 4 sessions, starting with a base of 12 sessions.  Let's talk about special scheduling & rates for you if you are interested in The Intensive.

Pre-Payment, Scheduling and Cancellation Policies 

All health and wellness Deal Packs and sessions are to be pre-paid  in  cash or check  prior to their scheduled start time.  I accept neither medical insurance nor credit cards.

All health and wellness therapy sessions must be  scheduled or rescheduled  at least 24 hours prior to the session's start time.  A session rescheduled less than 24 hours prior to the session's start time will be subject to a $20 re-booking fee.

A session  canceled  more than 24 hours before the session's start time receives a full refund;  otherwise, 20% of the session fee is forfeited — although an uncanceled "no show" forfeits the entire session fee. 

Off-Site Special Services:  Have table, will travel!  Off-site services include, but are not limited to, "house calls" and special events with table massage;  fees might include some combination of negotiated travel fee, setup time charge, and a minimum overall fee.  Only rarely do I offer chair massage.

Namaste, Dusty Rhodes, MS, CMT, CMMP, OMPP
MyoFascial Release & Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and Health Educator

email: RRhodes9@SMBmassage.com
NPI # 1477098572
CAMTC # 67448

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DISCLAIMER:  While the services offered at  Spirit-Mind-Body Massage & Reiki  contribute to relaxation and an improved state of well-being, they are not intended to replace medical diagnosis and treatment.  I recommend first that you consult your physician regarding any illness or injury you might have, and about the complementary treatments provided by SMBmassage. I do not diagnose illnesses or injuries;  nor do I recommend diets, supplements, or medical treatments.


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